Baltic 2016

Going around the Baltic Sea has been on our list of things to do for a long time. We booked the ferries to and from Hoek van Holland at the same time as we booked our Italian trip. We didn't do any other planning, went to Italy, came back and then with a week or so to go started panicking. Could we even do this trip in the 34 days that we had allotted? As we couldn't get visas to enter and leave Russia or Kaliningrad by different routes we had already decided on some shortcuts. I took some comfort, that we weren't cheating, from the wiki page on the Baltic: 

The Baltic proper is bordered on its northern edge at the latitude 60ºN by the Åland islands and by the Gulf of Bothnia. On its northeastern side by the Gulf of Finland on its eastern side by the Gulf of Riga and in the west by the south Swedish part of the Scandinavian peninsula.


Since making our ferry bookings events had intruded on to our calendar, making it impossible to move the crossings and gain a few extra days. So I made a few estimates about sections of the journey and tried to give ourselves a timetable that was achievable and that would also let us have some holiday time. Looking at the second map you can see our intended route: 

Having written some of this blog I have decided to break it into two parts: To Estonia and From Estonia, 

Link to Part 1  Baltic 2016 Part 1 

Link to Part 2  Baltic 2016 Part 2

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