Extra Photos

Of necessity the photos that you have already seen illustrated the text which of course only covered the highlights so some other photos have been included here hopefully in chronological order covering some of the other bits


Fjordline day -1 

Day 1 Around Lysebotn


Day 2 Telemark


Sala, Sweden Day 3/4


Day 4 to 7 Sweden's East Coast, Crossing the Artic circle



Day 8 Finland briefly then Karasjok


Day 9 Honningsvag and Nordkapp


Day 10 to 12 Down to Tromso

 Day 13 On to the Lofoton Islands


Day 14 My Birthday - Played at being a Viking

Day 14 My Birthday - Night camp




Day 15 to Å


Clever sculpture at Eggum viewed two ways see below: 

Eggum A campsite with an honesty box

Day 16 - 17 Ballstad and Eggum


Day 19 Å again plus lots of nice places


Henningsvaer and Kabelveeg

A Hurtigruten ferry

Day 20

Day 21 Goodbye to the Lofotens 

Day 22 Bodo Flying Museum

Day 23 More Ferries and a Mountain with a hole through it - Torghatton

Day 24 A long way for little to see - expensive

Day 25 A poor start then an excellent finish

Day 26 Start of Fjordland 


Day 27 Snow Road


Day 28 Above Flam


Day 29 Above Eidfjord


Day 30 It rained

Day 31 Part of that candle shop