The year started on a cruise to Antarctica, then we waited for the new van, which was late and had a number of immediately apparent faults, so at the last minute the Romahome was repacked and we went on its last trip to Amsterdam for my daughter's birthday and Queensday. In June after visits back to Danbury we went to Devon (and found more faults) then we had our main holiday in Scotland (still more faults and a major leak). In September we went to Wales, for the first time with the Renault Trafic group and afterwards I got shingles. We had a long weekend in Istanbul to celebrate our 10th Wedding anniversary. Went to Dorset to avoid fireworks over the bonfire night weekend. 

Nights away in Van 47 (10 in the Romahome)


Amsterdam Gaaspar Camping

Wing, Rutland

Stover, Devon

Scotland: Kielderwater, Stewarton, Clachan, Invernahavon, Bunchrew (inverness) Spean Bridge, Bunree, Highfield (near Oban)

Wales: Pyscodyln (Abergavenny) Grigin Farm, Llanbrynmair

Crossways, Near Dorchester




Leaking kinked hot water pipe 

Boat party, Gaaspar campsite

Sneek, Keukenhof

Abcoude, Queensday

Dartmoor June

Common riding Langham. Clachan

Highland Wildlife Park, Inverhavon

Inverness, Cairngorms

Spean Bridge, Ardnamurchan



Danbury Woes Not yet written

 Antarctica 2004/5